Risk Management Software - Features of Symbiant Risk Suite

What makes the symbiant Risk Suite the best and most useable risk management software available today

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Risk Management Software

Risk Suite Overview Brochure

The Risk Suite overview document is in PDF format and gives a good quick overview to the features and benefits of Symbiant Risk Suite. You can read the document via a web browser or save it to your desktop or print it off for viewing at a later date or sending to colleagues.

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.Risk Managment Software Overview Video


  • Multiple virtual workshops covering identification through to treatment and tracking
  • Slice-and-dice reporting of risk information including relationship between risks
  • Definition of risk appetite and reporting against it
  • Treatment of risk as opportunity as well as threat
  • Ongoing identification of risk
  • Incident reporting, hits and near misses, key risk indicators

††The main features of the risk suite are:-†

Incident Reporting†Users can report incidents, hits or near misses, which can then be turned in to a potential risk and progressed in the Risk Workshop.†

Risk Workshop†The risk workshop allows users to discuss current and potential threats on an ongoing basis. The threats can be measured for impact and likelihood with voting tools and then ideas and suggestions can be logged and voted on for treatment plans.

Tracking.†Actions such as remedial action plans or basic things to do can be added and given ownership in the action tracker, these actions can then be tracked to completion to ensure things get done.

Survey Questions†These are simple questions just requiring a Yes / No / Pass response that can be used to collect data on a regular basis or as and when required.

Key Risk Indicators KRI's allow you to quickly identify possible danger or risk issues and can be used to monitor anything such as waste, footfall, sickness, injuries, staff leaving or customer complaints. They also allow you to quickly see if you have a problem area in your business.†

Assessments.†These are very powerful questions that you can attach to a risk or control. You set up multiple choice responses to questions and any further questions based on user response. These allow you to keep asking questions until you get all the feedback you require.

All questionnaires can be set to 1 off, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly.†

Reports.†Obviously one of the most important features of a Risk Management system is the reporting. The Symbiant Risk Suite as a full set of bespoke management reports that can be as narrow or as deep as you require. So you can instantly see the whole picture or just a specific section.

Quick Points to help you consider

  • Full Risk Management software Solution
  • All parts of the business can collaborate
  • Web based Intranet or internet
  • Meets ISO 31000 for risk management
  • Affordable - from £2 per user
  • easy to understand and visualise risk mapping
  • Reduces Costs and the need for meetings
  • Speeds up the Risk Assessment Process
  • Automated emails to keep users updated
  • Early identification of possible risks
  • Questionnaires to monitor controls
  • Risk Indicators and Assessments
  • Ongoing identification of risks
  • Built in risk voting
  • Risk Vs Reward
  • Easy to Embed
  • Risk Mapping
  • Fully Scalable
  • Customisable
  • Saas

risk management, risk manager, risk issues, risk software, issues, software, risk workshop, risk arena