Symbiant Risk Suite a Total Risk Management Solution

The Symbiant Risk Suite has been created with KPMG and ICAEW to be the most usable and affordable Risk Management solution available.

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The Total Risk Management Software Solution

Risk Management Software
"The Symbiant Risk Suite is an advanced and comprehensive risk solution, it's well thought out, easy to use and understand and very powerful. A very useful tool for any risk department."

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

"We selected Symbiant Risk Suite as our in house risk solution as it was the most comprehensive, easiest to use and offered by far the best value for money of all the other solutions we looked at. We were impressed by the software's ability to incorporate our business requirements in one package"

The Information Centre for Health and Social Care (

To read the Risk Suite overview document Click Here
  • Full Risk Management Solution - No extras or other software needed
  • Allows all parts of the business to collaborate on Risk Management
  • Web based so it sits on the companies Intranet or internet
  • Meets ISO 31000 guidelines on risk management
  • Affordable - less than the cost of a spreadsheet
  • easy to understand and visualise risk mapping
  • Reduces Costs and the need for meetings
  • Speeds up the Risk Assessment Process
  • Automated emails to keep users updated
  • Early identification of possible risks
  • Ongoing identification of risks
  • Built in risk voting
  • Risk Vs Reward
  • Easy to Embed
  • Fully Scalable
  • Customisable
Symbiant Risk Suite is not just a risk management software solution, it's a total risk management solution. Developed with guidance from KPMG to exceed ANZ 4360 requirements it is the only Risk Management Software that is used and endorsed by Europe's largest professional accountancy body the ICAEW It also enables a company to meet IN FULL the new requirements set out in new ISO 31000 guidelines on risk management. The three main issues companies have with Risk Management Software Solutions are, cost, embedding and not being able to get exactly what they want. The Symbiant Risk Suite is very affordable with no per user charge and no need to pay for training. It is intuitive and easy to use and learn (see Videos & Training) and sits on your Intranet or on the Internet so it is easy to embed. And because all the elements for an effective risk management solution are included, with the ability to totally customise Risk Suite you can get the closest match to your exact needs without having to have a bespoke solution written for you. Being accessible from your company Intranet (or the Internet) it also allows many different areas of your business to collaborate on risk management on a local or global scale. This makes your risk program more productive and effective as well as dramatically reducing costs. Users can report incidents, and provide periodic returns and Key Risk Indicator data which allows you to identify new potential threats (known risks can be also entered). They can then discuss and vote (including risk appetite) on these issues in the virtual risk workshops and then suggest and vote on possible treatments, this reduces or eliminates the need for meetings as it is all done from the users computer. Once a treatment has been agreed it can be moved in to Tracking so it can be assigned to someone to implement the remedy. Click Here to see the overview video The Symbiant Risk Suite is the most comprehensive and affordable risk management software available. It meets and exceeds the internationally accepted ANZ 4360 standards and covers all the six areas required for an effective risk program.
  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Measure
  • Treat
  • Monitor
  • Communicate
IDENTIFY Users can report incidents (hits or near misses) which can then be turned in to potential threats and discussed in the virtual workshops. Periodic returns, Key Risk / performance Indicator data (KRI / KPI) or assessment questionnaires received from users can also help identify new potential risks which can also be added to the risk arena. These questionnaires also help to maintain your risk program not only as early warning indicators but to ensure treatments are working. ASSESS The virtual workshops allow users to efficiently discuss the issues raised and filter out the good from the bad. MEASURE From the findings in the risk workshops voting can begin on the relevant issues to score The likelihood and impact with and without controls (NET residual and GROSS inherent). Risk Appetite can also be voted on or fixed for particular categories. i.e. financial. TREAT After you have scored risks you can then progress them to the treatment phase which allows users to suggest and ballot ways to controls, stop or reduce a risk. Managers can then adopt one or more of the treatment actions plans. MONITOR & COMMUNICATE Once a treatment has been agreed the issue can be progressed to the Action Tracker where ownership of actions is given and are assigned to individuals for them to resolve by a target date. The action can then be tracked through to completion. Automatic emails keep users updated and informed of tasks or actions they have to do and workshops that require their input. Risk Suite keeps on top of everything automatically and all users are always aware of what is required from them. Symbiant Risk Suite exceeds the Risk Management Standard which is the result of work by a team drawn from the major risk management organisations in the UK - The Institute of Risk Management (IRM),The Association of Insurance and Risk Managers (AIRMIC) and ALARM The National Forum for Risk Management in the Public Sector and based on ANZ 4360. Click Here to see the overview video Enterprise Wide Risk Management Software Operational Risk Management Software Enterprise Risk Management Software ERM Software Solutions Risk Management Software Overview Documents Risk Suite News Symbiant Risk Suite is a web based risk management software solution, so will sit on the Internet or the company Intranet. This makes it easy to embed and very accessible by users. It also greatly reduces the time and costs of implementing your risk management solution.
Risk Manager, Management, Risk, Risk Solutions, Risk Software, Internal Audit, Risk Departments, audit, financial, manager, software for risk