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Why Symbiant

We pioneered web based risk and audit management software back in 2001. We have been doing this longer than anyone. We understand the client’s needs and have a model that works. You’re getting over 17 years’ worth of development, instantly. An instant successful bolt on to your business and because we manage the software and I.T. for you. There’s no headache.

How It Works

We set up a cloud server that is only used by your company. You choose where you want your service to be based. UK, USA or Mainland Europe. All I.T. issues are taken care of. You set your own prices, invoice the client, receive the regular monthly income and run the show. The clients are yours, the license is yours.


You set your own license charges, you can even set up your own rules and packages. We receive a share of the license charge, it’s that simple. You can copy our proven model or create your own. The important factor is, you’re in charge, it’s your sale, your client, your prices.

Other Partner Levels

If you’re not ready for your own solution we have a range of partner schemes to suite all requirements, including commission on sales. Please contact us to discuss a model that meets your needs.

Top Risk Management Software Award

Control your own licenses and prices with Symbiant repackaged. We look after all the IT, provide the solution, and sell it to you wholesale.

Watch the below video or contact us for more details.

If you prefer we have a commission based reward scheme
please contact us to discuss our partner options

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