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The Dangerous, Emotional Side of Risk

“One of the most anticipated collapses on the high street” was how one retail analyst described the demise of Mothercare UK . The risk of collapse had been staring Mothercare UK in the face for a long time: high impact – high likelihood, and no doubt glaring red on their risk map; and yet they […]

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Symbiant Risk Blogs

The Future 50

Risk management is forward-looking; it assesses change that may bring risk, the risk to achievement of objectives. The past is not necessarily a predictor of the future, and less so in more volatile times, and times of technological, meteorological, and regulatory change. So, an alternative way of assessing future success is required. The consulting firm […]

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The Winner is Symbiant

Major Wins 2019

2019 – The UK does the hokey cokey. As the song goes, in out, in out, shake it all about.. So with Brexit issues delaying business decisions, 2019 has been a difficult year for many. Luckily, at Symbiant, we have fared ok and all in all, it has been a good year. Our solution has […]

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How can you manage risk if you can’t see danger coming?

New Symbiant Advert to illustrate how using the control and risk assessments and the Risk indicators in Symbiant help you to monitor controls and the business environment for weakness and potential emerging problems. Identifying issues early allow you to stop potential problems. Also see Real Time Monitoring of Controls RCSA Risk Control Self Assessment Real […]

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Control Assessments

Real Time Monitoring of Controls

Symbiant Control Management with real time intraday reporting Financial institutions are under ever increasing regulatory pressure to be able to demonstrate the current status of Controls. If your not testing your controls in real time then there is no way you can comply to this requirement. The symbiant control module which is included with the […]

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Symbiant Risk Workshops

Risk Workshops

The Symbiant Risk Workshops One of the biggest dilemmas risk managers have, is achieving company-wide participation in the organisations risk management process. Every Risk Manager knows the benefits of departmental managers collaborating in the organisations risk program. Obviously, it’s also a requirement in risk based compliance and standards frameworks. The problem is engaging with these […]

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Risk Control Self Assessment RSCA

RCSA – Risk Control Self Assessment

RCSA Risk Control Self-Assessment Also See Risk Based Auditing In this article I will explain how Symbiant gives you the tools to perform RCSA and to have this important process as an ongoing embedded part of your risk management program. Most risk managers when assessing the residual (NET) risk score will have to assume that […]

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GDPR and Compliance

Symbiant for GDPR and Compliance Worried about GDPR and European Data Protection regulations. Symbiant’s dynamic audit questionnaires can help, see our GDPR overview video.

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