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– Phil Boshier – Cardiff Metropolitan University


– Emerson

“Complete Solution”

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“very impressed”

– The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

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Symbiant is a modular solution supplied as a complete set of tools for risk, audit and compliance management. Symbiant has led the way for 20 years and is used by some of the world's leading companies, and some of the worlds smallest, because it's very powerful, flexible and intuitive. Awarded as a world top 20 risk management solution and as a world top 10 most trusted, it's the most affordable yet most advanced compliance software solution on the market.
With prices starting at only £300 per month, symbiant is an obvious choice.

The Man from Del Monte <br>He Said YES!

The Man from Del Monte
He Said YES!

Companies who pride themselves on Quality choose Symbiant

Risk or Audit or Both?

Import your current spreadsheet data to get you up and running in minutes.

Risk Management Software Set

Pre-loaded with over 180 template risks to get you started

Risk Registers, Risk Workshops, Risk Indicators, Risk Actions, Control Assessments, What if Scenarios and Incident Reporting.

Ideal for ISO 31000, ISO 27001, ISO 27005, ISO 14000, ISO 9001 and General Compliance such as GDPR

Symbiant is the only solution that will report on your risk exposure in real time.

Audit Management software Set

Working Papers, Audit Planning, Action Tracking and Audit Questionnaires / papers.

From planning the audit to getting your actions, actioned. Symbiant is a complete Audit Solution

You can add new features and users at any time.
When Go Compare compared the market they chose Symbiant

When Go Compare compared the market they chose Symbiant

From charities to banks, public sector to PLC, Symbiant has the best features at an unbelievably low price.

Symbiant audit management software

Using the latest technology you can build as you grow

We are the software developers so our solution is as up to date as it gets. We are not selling you a consultancy service wrapped around a software package, those solutions are designed around the consultancy service. Our software is designed around you, the user. That is why our software is intuitive, flexible, affordable and includes features way ahead of other providers. You can customise Symbiant to work the way you want it to work, on any platform, with our no hassle fully managed free hosting service (SaaS) or host on your own network.

Symbiant cloud

Free hosting in our UK ISO 27001 certified data center

We have been hosting our solutions for clients since 1999 and have never had a security breach. Whilst you are welcome to install our software on your own servers you may find our free cloud hosting service in our fully secure UK based ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified data centers a better and easier choice.

World top 20 enterprise risk management solutions

A market leading solution you can afford.

With our free and secure, hosted service you can be up and running in a few hours for as little as £300 per month on a 30 day contract.

Just select the package that suits your current requirements from the below options. All packages are scalable allowing you to add extra modules or users as required. No long term contract you can cancel with just 30 days notice.

World's Most Trusted Risk Management Solution

Free trial. 30 Day contracts.

Cancel or upgrade anytime.

All plans include a 30-day free trial

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What our customers say

Exceeded our Expectations

5 5 1
From the free trial period to the final implementation Symbiant were excellent and exceeded our expectations, we are extremely satisfied.

Complete Solution

5 5 1
Having implemented Symbiant into our global business a year ago it has provided the complete solution we required to manage our risk and internal audit functions. It’s a powerful tool, very user friendly and supported by a great team. It’s a product I would certainly recommend!

Very Effective system

5 5 1
Symbiant Tracker has allowed us to record progress against recommendations and produce status reports in an extremely efficient and effective manner. Implementing and configuring the system was straight forward and positive feedback has been received from business users who have found the system to be extremely easy and intuitive to use when updating status for their recommendations. As testament to the effectiveness of the system it is also being used by other departments in the company to track actions, including Compliance for any actions arising from their compliance monitoring programme. Whilst the benefits will apply irrespective of the size of the audit team, for a small internal audit department selection of a recommendations tracking system that required minimal resource to set up, maintain and produce reports was essential and choosing Symbiant Tracker has proved to be a sound decision

Risk Management Software

Symbiant's award winning software provides all the components required for a total Enterprise Risk Management Software Solution.
The award winning Symbiant risk suite is a total enterprise risk management software solution (ERM). Whilst Symbiant is used by some of the world’s biggest companies and financial institutions, it’s also afforded by those who have the smallest of budgets. The Symbiant Risk Suite includes all the tools required for a comprehensive risk program, identification to mitigation and gives you everything you need to fully manage the risk process. Symbiant Risk Management Software is a one of the World’s leading solutions and the only risk solution to have been endorsed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. It has cutting edge features and has always led the way in the risk management arena for over 17 years. Symbiant has unique functionality which is leading the way in how companies should perform audit and risk management tasks.
Read our blog about Dynamic Risk Scoring RCSA – Risk Control Self-Assessment and how Symbiant’s advanced functionality works for you.

Audit Management Software

The audit modules provide a complete Audit Management Software solution and comes with everything you need to plan and execute audits and them carry out the remedial actions. Each module can work independently to the risk modules and provide a total Audit Management Software Solution.
Symbiant’s world leading audit management software includes “Symbiant Tracker” audit action tracking software. It is designed to be used by non risk and audit specialists so the audit function can be shared across the business. The dynamic questionnaires are ideal for all types of compliance audits including security audits, GDPR and ISO standards.

Compliance Software

Symbiant software is idea for all types of compliance including GDPR data protection rules, ISO 31000, ISO 27001, ISO 27005, ISO 14000, ISO 9001.

Audit Action Tracking

Symbiant tracker is the original audit action tracking software, available as standalone or included within the symbiant Risk and audit management solution.

Over the last few years, the need to manage risks has become recognised as an essential part of good corporate governance practice. This has put organisations under increasing pressure to identify all the business risks they face and to explain how they manage them.
What is risk-based auditing? Is the organisation ready? What are the advantages of risk-based auditing?
Considering our recent research and in collaboration with Symbiant and Business Risk Management Ltd, we have some answers for these questions during our Risk Based Auditing In-House Training.

This study provides all the latest developments and features a case study on the step by step approach to a risk-based audit. Furthermore, a participative approach whereby auditors and managers work together to identify, assess and control business risks significantly enhances the level of assurance and reduces the chances of nasty surprises – a huge benefit to most organizations.
Why should you consider to have a Risk-Based Auditing In-House Training?
• Your Time – Flexible Dates and Venue
• Your Place – We deliver the trainer to your doorstep
• Your Topic – Our trainers do tailor-made the training to your needs
• Your Team* – You can be open about your own problems
• Your Experience – Your team can work hand in hand with our trainer
Some of the learning outcomes include:
• New IIA professional guidance - An approach to implementing RBA
• Internal audit coverage of risks - To achieving strategic objectives
• Risk-Based Internal Audit Plan Example - To determine priorities
• A new 2-hour session - Step by step guide to completing a risk-based audit

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