Frequently Asked Questions

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Symbiant’s Main Data Centre is UK Based

Whilst we can host our Software Solutions on any continent, by default we our UK data centres.

Our provider is AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS is Europe’s leading providers of cloud based systems and fully compliant to all relevant security and Data protection protocols.

AWS ISO 27001 certification.

AWS ISO 9001 certification.

Our servers are totally locked down and hidden behind firewalls. On top of this the servers can only be logged in to using a secure certificate, so brute force attacks are useless. All ports except HTTP and HTTPS are closed. The data is encrypted at rest and in transit and can only be read via a front end login, which you the client controls.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has continuous redundancy across four Isolated Zones, this means even if one Zone goes down there is still three more Zones to take its place. Our clients will never even notice if one of these Zones go down as its seamlessly integrated.

Yes! You can cancel at anytime. When you cancel no further payments will be taken and your service will stop after the 30 day notice period. You can also add users or further modules as and when required.

Our License Model uses Seats, you purchase X number of seats on your License.

You can add an Unlimited number of Users to your system, but only make Active up to the number of licensed seats.

There are no additional or hidden costs, simply pay for the modules and seat numbers as required.

What is a Seat?

A Seat is a slot used by an Active User within the System. An Active user takes up a single seat. 

If your license was for 10 seats, but you had 100 users, this would mean you could only have 10 of them as Active Users at any given time.

What is an Active User?

Only Active users can login, we do not restrict the number of concurrent logins, and all Active users can login at the same time.

Users can be made active or inactive as required. We do not charge or restrict your users’ permission levels; you control what access levels your users should have.

Furthermore, we don’t limit what Modules your users can access. All Active Users can access all Modules on your System at no extra cost.

How do Module Costs Work?

Each Module is £100 Per Month with Unlimited Access for all Active Users.

There are no hidden fees if you purchase more Modules for your License; Additional Modules will also be £100 Per Module Per Month.

License Example

A license with 10 user seats and 1 solution (risk registers) the total cost is £300 per month. If you added a new module (controls) the total cost would now be £400 per month and all your users can access both modules at whatever permission level, you require.

Benefits of this License Model

  • Unlimited Users
  • Concurrent access to all Active users
  • No restrictions on module, permission or role access
  • Pay only for what you need
  • No additional or hidden costs

How do I Purchase Additional License Seats?

If you require additional Seats on your current License, please contact us. We will assist you with all the available licensing options.

How do I Purchase Additional Modules?

If you require additional Modules for your Symbiant System, please contact us. We will assist you with all the available Module options.

By Default our hosting is UK based, however AWS (Amazon Web Services) have data centres throughout the world, so we can host on all continents.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, which effectively means we provide our software ready for you to use.

It is installed on our Cloud (Group of Servers) where we manage it for you.

This means all the IT issues are taken care of by us.

You can log into and use our application from any compatible device over the Internet. It is basically the same as accessing your online email accounts or social networking site.

Advantages of SaaS

  1. Accessible from any location and on any device. This provides an excellent degree of flexibility since it allows your employees to work from anywhere in the world, and users may access their data no matter where they are.
  2. There are no updates or installations required. Our application is updated daily but requires no downtime and no installation or download from you, the user!
  3. Cost Saving. Our application removes internal IT expenses and overhead. We maintain the servers and infrastructure that support the application.