Audit Working Papers Software

Audit Working Papers is an umbrella software module that pulls all of Audit together. 


All modules are only £100 each per month.

Unrestricted Access – All users can access the modules at any level

Audit Working Papers Software

Audit Working Papers Module

The Symbiant working papers module helps auditors to plan and efficiently manage their audits.

The module automatically pulls in related data from other modules to save the auditor time in collecting up-to-date information. Collects information from the Risk Registers, Controls and Incidents.

Uses assessments created in the Questionnaires module. What is more, you can customise the audit reports to your templates, so you can keep any look and feel your company has adopted.

Features Include

All of Audit in One Place

A Single Source for Audit Information. Pulls everything together in one place.

Holistic View of everything Audit.

Audit Planner

Plan out the different Audit Stages, Assign Estimated Times and Users.

Quicker Audits Due to Planning

Audit Timesheets

Log and Tracker user contributions, through Timesheets. See what’s been done and how long certain tasks are taking.

Greater Control over Audit Timeframes.

Module Linking

Ability to Link Risk, Controls and Incidents to Working Papers. Enabling even further functionality.

Build a perfect structure of information flow.

Automated Emails & Reminders

Automated Emails ensure users are aware of Real-Time Working Paper changes. While reminders, ensure no Working Paper task is left incomplete.

No more chasing if a task is due.

Fully Customisable

The entire Working Papers Software Module can be tailored to your exact requirements. 

All the power at your fingertips.

Overview Video

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Audit Working Papers Module for only £100 per month

Audit software help auditors to plan, execute, report and follow up the company audits and actions. A dedicated solution can save a lot of time for audit teams and make them more effective by automating much of the auditing process and sending email notices. A good audit software should include the ability to generate corrective and preventive actions and give ownership of the actions, including the sending of notification and reminder emails.

Important Factors to Consider:

  • Budget 
  • Training and Support 
  • Development
  • Ease of use
  • Customisation
  • Licensing
  • Reporting