Audit Working Papers Software

The Symbiant Audit Working Papers Software Module is an easy-to-embed, user-friendly & intuitive audit planning platform that allows a single user or team to collaborate on audit planning.

The solution can be simple or complex and allows different levels of complexity for users based on their roles or divisions.

The Audit Working Papers solution empowers auditors to plan & execute audits and allocate users as necessary, ensuring the completion of tasks through automated email notifications.

The module seamlessly connects with other audit modules to create a totally integrated audit solution.

Symbiant can fit your company’s exact needs, whatever they may look like.


All modules are only £100 each per month.

Audit Working Papers Software
Audit Working Papers Module
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Symbiant Audit Working Papers Module

The Symbiant working papers module helps auditors plan and efficiently manage their audits.

The module automates the process of pulling related data from other modules, saving auditors valuable time that would otherwise be spent on collecting up-to-date information. It seamlessly collects information from the Risk Registers, Controls, and Incidents.

Uses assessments created in the Questionnaires module. Moreover, you can customise the audit reports to your templates, so you can keep any look and feel your company has adopted.

Symbiant Audit Working Papers Software Module for only £100 per month


All of Audit in One Place

A Single Source for Audit Information. Pulls everything together in one place.

Holistic View of everything Audit.

Audit Planner

Plan out the different Audit Stages, Assign Estimated Times and Users.

Quicker Audits Due to Planning

Audit Timesheets

See what's been completed and how long certain tasks are taking.

Greater Control over Audit Timeframes.

Module Linking

Ability to Link Risks, Controls and Incidents to Working Papers.
Enabling even further functionality.

Build a perfect structure of information flow.

Automated Emails

Automated Emails ensure users are aware of Working Paper changes. While reminders, ensure no working paper task is left incomplete.

No more chasing if a task is due.

Fully Customisable

The entire Working Papers Software Module can be tailored and customised to your exact requirements.

All the power at your fingertips.

About Symbiant Working Papers

Audit software helps auditors plan, execute, report, and follow up on company audits and actions.

A dedicated solution can save audit teams time and make them more effective. It does this by automating much of the auditing process and sending email notices.

High-quality audit software not only generates corrective and preventive actions but also provides a sense of security by assigning ownership of these actions, including the responsibility of sending notifications and reminder emails.

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