Risk Control Self Assessment – RCSA

Learn about the importance of risk and control self assessment and how Symbiant’s risk management software can help you implement a successful RCSA program.

Want to know more about risk and control self assessment? Symbiant offers a comprehensive and advanced control management module that allows you to monitor in real time, Controls and polices with dashboards with email notifications.

Risk Controls and Policies Software

Controls and Policies Management is an essential Software Solution to Organise, Assess and Action Business Critical Controls.


All modules are only £100 each per month.

Unrestricted Access – All users can access the modules at any level

Risk Controls Software

Risk Controls and Policies Module

The Symbiant One Risk Controls and Policies Software Module is a comprehensive, simple and fully featured Risk Control and Policies Management Solution.

Organise Controls through Grouping Mechanisms, Assess Controls with Assessments and Track Actions on Controls that are failing.

Features Include

Dynamic Control Weightings

Control Weightings on Risks, allows you to assess a Controls Impact in Real-Time

Ensuring Real-Time Information.

Control Policies

Attach Specific Policies to Controls allowing for extensive groupings and organizing.

Organised Approach to Controls.

Active & Key Controls

See which Controls are Core to your Business and assess any that are Inactive.

Greater Power over Controls that Matter.

Module Linking

Ability to Link Controls to Risks and Incidents. Enabling even further functionality.

Build a perfect structure of information flow.

Automated Emails & Reminders

Automated Emails ensure users are aware of Control Failures. While reminders, ensure no actionable task is left incomplete.

No more chasing if a task is due.

Fully Customisable

The entire Controls and Policies Software Module can be tailored to your exact requirements. 

All the power at your fingertips.

Overview Video

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Controls and Policies Module for only £100 per month

Assess your controls regularly to ensure they are working.

With the Symbiant control module, you can centrally manage and assess your organisation’s controls and policies. As with all Symbiant modules, you can customise the layout to suit your requirements. You can indicate Key and Active controls. The active switch automatically turns off if the control fails an assessment.

You can link the control to an assessment and schedule the issue of the questionnaire so you can test the control regularly.

You can attach related documents and link related policies.

The questionnaires allow you to assess regularly to test whether the control is working, if a test fails it can automatically deactivate the control and adjust the risk scores of attached risks.

The control module also comes with the ability to log reviews and create remedial actions.

Actions can be assigned with a due date, assignees can keep you updated with progress and attach any supporting documentation with their updates.

To help manage the control and to see which risks would be affected if the control failed, you can see which risks the control links to and if it reduces the impact or likelihood of those risks.

You can also see any incidents which have been reported and then link to the control. This information is useful when assessing or reviewing a control.

By linking the controls to your risk scores, the “Control Effectiveness” report, will show you the most valuable controls and how much of a reduction they provide for each risk. this is a useful report to help determine the value of each control.

Risk and control self-assessment (RCSA) is an important part of any risk management system.

It allows you to monitor in real-time, Key and Sub controls, with interactive dashboards and email notifications. Create or schedule assessment questionnaires to test the controls. link these controls to risks for real-time monitoring of risk exposure.