Document Management Software

Symbiant’s Document Management Software Module lets you collect, review and revise Documents in your Business in a comprehensive way.

The Document Manager has a thorough workflow to capture data on Approvals, Change Requests and other aspects.

With Symbiant One, you can enhance your document management by using automation and tailoring it to your business needs.


All modules are only £100 each per month.

A Screenshot of the Document Management module dashboard - showing the variety of data tables and charts available
Document Management Module
A Screenshot of the Document Management module record details with various fields of data.


Document Management Module

Symbiant Document Management Module is a comprehensive tool that streamlines the whole document workflow process, from creation to publication, approval and revision, this module records everything. With strong logic that tracks all modifications, reviewing the complete history of a document is effortless.

Connect to other modules to make documents that matter accessible to other modules such as Risk Registers, Incidents, Controls and Policies and more.

Symbiant Document Management Module for only £100 per month!


Detailed Workflows

From Draft to Published, Approvals and Change requests, capture the entire document life cycle in great detail.

Ensuring Detailed Data Capture

Protected Viewing

Ensure end users only view Approved Published Documents, while Managers can view all Drafts for Review.

Protected User Viewing Rights

Reviews and Actions

Create Document Reviews and Delegate Tasks to users, ensuring documents are timely reviewed and an audit of all tasks exist.

Greater Control over Document Tasks

Workflow Universe

Manage Approvals and Change Requests using their respective Workflow Universe, a central hub of all Approvals and Change Requests across all Documents.

Efficient Management of Large Tasks

Automated Emails

Automated Emails ensure users are aware of Real-Time Document changes. While reminders, ensure no Document task is left incomplete.

No more chasing if a task is Due

Fully Customisable

The entire Document Management Software Module can be tailored and customised to your exact requirements.

All the power at your fingertips

About the Module

Symbiant Document Management Software Module helps you manage and review all your Business Documents in Detail.

You can require Approvals for each Document Revision before Publishing it. After Publishing, any user can submit a Change Request, allowing for full cooperation among all users. Change Requests can be accepted or declined as appropriate, and can then form the basis for the next Document Revision.

The Document Management Module follows a complete cycle workflow, with strong logic that ensures that Documents are initially set as Draft when Created, and need approval before becoming Published.

With this System, users who only need to access Documents can view the most recent Approved Published Document, ensuring a secure view layer that separates unapproved drafts from official documents.

A Screenshot of the Document Management module approval details.
A Screenshot of the Document Management module reviews and actions.

Within a Document Record, you can create Reviews with a Purpose selection, and then add Actions outlining tasks that require completing.

You can assign these Actions to users, set Due Dates, and the system’s automated email notifications and reminders to keep everyone updated.

The Record has Reviews and Actions that apply to all its document revisions, which makes the review and action process consistent throughout the Document revisions. This also allows for easy access to the full history of the Record’s tasks and a clear audit trail of all the information.