KRI - Key Risk Indicators Software

The Symbiant Questionnaire Module also includes indicator-type questions, which organizations can utilize as risk or performance indicators. Questions can be assigned to multiple risks to get a KRI (Key Risk Indicator). The questionnaire module provides an easy-to-embed, user-friendly & intuitive platform that allows teams to collaborate on risk indicators and early-warning systems.

This solution is a FREE addition to the Questionnaires Survey and Assessment Software Module, so it works to create an early-warning system for issues identified in the Questionnaires. It also seamlessly integrates with other modules to give contextual awareness and integrated GRC across the business.

Symbiant can fit your company’s exact needs, whatever they may look like.

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Key Risk Indicators - KRI module
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Symbiant KRI - Key Risk Indicators Software

Symbiant’s KRI feature is free and part of the Symbiant Risk Register and Questionnaire module. Create powerful indicators that are linked to risks. Risk Indicators are normally used as early warning signals so you can monitor the health factors related to risk.

Symbiant KRI – Key Risk Indicators is a FREE feature included in the Risk Registers and Questionnaires Module! 


Reduce Workload

One Indictor can attach to multiple Risks. All associated Risks can be updated from a Single Response.

Associate Indicators with Multiple Risks.

Early Warning Indicators

Monitor the business environment in real-time to see if risks are likely to be stressed and where Issues could arise.

Identify potential Issues early.

Simple Monitoring

Set Risk Category Appetites. Easily see Risks breaching KRI appetite.
Dynamic Dashboards for KRI.

Filter potential Issues with one Click.

About Symbiant KRI - Key Risk Indicators

KRI – Key Risk Indicators are a Free Feature with Questionnaires, Surveys and Assessments Module

Key Risk/Performance Indicators are an early warning system to record environmental factors that may affect risks, individual RI’s can aggregate to an overall KRI. You can set a category KRI appetite so you can quickly identify any risks where the KRI data is outside your appetite or needs attention. Indicators can be linked to multiple risks at once.

KRI’s are directly linked to Symbiant Risk Management Software

KRI - Key Risk Indicators Software KRI Tab