Questionnaires Survey and Assessment Software

The Symbiant Questionnaires Survey and Assessment Software Module is a powerful module that creates surveys and questionnaires for Risk Assessments, Audit Assessments, Control Assessments and Indicator Data Collection such as Risk Indicators or Performance Indicators.

This solution allows you to create dynamic questionnaires that change based on user responses so you can ask the right questions and collect the correct data. If needs be, further questions can automatically appear or change to gather further or mitigating evidence.  Automated emails notify users of new questionnaires and reminders of incomplete responses.

The module seamlessly connects with other audit modules to create a totally integrated solution.

Symbiant can fit your company’s exact needs, whatever they may look like.


All modules are only £100 each per month.

Assessment Questionnaires Software
Questionnaires and Assessments module
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Symbiant Questionnaires Survey and Assessment Module

The Symbiant One Questionnaires Survey and Assessment Module is a comprehensive, simple and fully featured Assessment Solution.

Used extensively to Assess Risks, Audits, Controls, and Compliance Regulations. The Module enables custom-built Assessments to be given to users.

Symbiant Questionnaires, Survey and Assessment Software Module for only £100 per month


Response History

View Historical Responses to Assessments to get a better picture of the change over time.

Identify Trends and Issues.

Custom Assessments

All Assessments can be custom made to fit your exact requirements.

Create exactly what you want.

Advanced Rules

Ability to add complex rules to your Assessments. Such as changing question behaviour based on current responses.

Ability to create complex Assessments.

Module Linking

Ability to Link Assessments to Risks, Audit and Compliance Modules.
Enabling even further functionality.

Build a perfect Assessment Structure.

Automated Emails

Automated Emails ensure users are aware of Assessment Results. While reminders, ensure no Assessment is left incomplete.

No chasing of unanswered assessments.

Fully Customisable

The entire Questionnaires, Surveys and Assessment Module can be tailored and customised to your exact requirements.

All the power at your fingertips.

About Symbiant Questionnaires Surveys and Asessments

Questionnaires can be created for any fact-finding, or assessment purposes.

It might be a stand-alone survey or linked to an item in another module, or an assessment for risk or control.

With the ability to add conditional nested questions, you can ask further questions based on a user’s response, to a previous question.

You can also make a questionnaire, pass or fail, based on a single answer to a single question.

Questionnaires can be set to issue manually, or, on a schedule.

Create powerful Risk Indicators (KRI) or performance indicators (PI)

Questionnaires, Surveys and Assessments Software Response
Questionnaires, Surveys and Assessments Software KRI Type

Mix’n’match questions allow you to improve on the collecting of Indicators, by letting you trigger a further question to add evidence or an explanation if a risk or performance indicator is outside of a specific range.

Questions can have any type of response needed for you to get the answers you need. Such as multiple choice or tick boxes. You can also trigger a file attachment upload box if the user needs to submit evidence.

The Symbiant Questionnaire module allows you to create assessments or surveys, that can be used to assess items such as risks, controls or audit entities, or any fact-finding mission.

The criteria-based dynamic nested questions, and overriding passes or fails, make the Symbiant questionnaires a very powerful questioning tool which can be used on its own, or as part of the wider module set.