Risk Workshops Software

The Symbiant Risk Workshop Software Module is an easy-to-embed, user-friendly & intuitive platform that allows teams to collaborate on risks. This module works as an online meeting room where users, regardless of risk knowledge, discuss, measure, and treat current or new potential threats.
The Risk Workshop Solution allows you to involve non-risk staff in the risk management process by providing a safe and structured environment. This solution also helps you comply with ISO31000 and ISO27001.
This module seamlessly connects with other solutions by finding and expanding risk to the Risk Register Software Module or registering new Controls and Policies.
The system automatically emails when workshop stages are updated or when users respond.
Symbiant can fit your company’s exact needs, whatever they may look like.


All modules are only £100 each per month.

Risk Workshops Software
Risk Workshop Module
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Symbiant Risk Workshops Module

The Risk Workshop module is a perfect tool for creating an RCSA framework and
is designed to help organizations identify and manage risks that could threaten their business objectives.

The workshops help organisations identify the controls in place to prevent or limit those risks, assess the effectiveness of those controls, and identify the roles and processes responsible for performing the controls.

The Risk Workshops module is a powerful add-on that can help organizations
protect their business objectives and ensure that their risks are managed effectively.

Symbiant Risk Workshops Software Module for only £100 per mont


Collaboration Within RCSA

Risk Workshops Module is built around collaboration and building an effective RCSA framework. Ensuring every user has their own say and iterating on ideas.

Ensuring Teamwork at every stage.

Multistage Approach

The Risk Workshops Module has a
multi-stage approach.
Starting at Identifying Risks, Measuring, Treating and Finally Monitoring.

Critical Thinking at Each Step.

Treatment Plans

Create Comprehensive Treatment Plans for Risks.
Then vote on other users' plans to move forward with the most effective.

Greater Control over Treatment that Works.

Module Linking

Ability to Link Workshop Risks to Risk Registers seamlessly together.
Enabling even further functionality.

Build a perfect structure of information flow.

Automated Emails

Automated Emails ensure users are aware of Real-Time Workshop changes. While reminders, ensure no workshop task is left incomplete.

No more chasing if a task is due.

Fully Customisable

The entire Risk Workshop Software Module can be tailored and customised to your exact requirements.

All the power at your fingertips.

About Symbiant Risk Workshops

One of the biggest dilemmas that Risk Managers have is achieving company-wide participation in their overarching Risk Management process. 

Every Risk Manager knows the benefits of departmental managers collaborating in the organisation’s risk program, alongside it also being a requirement in risk-based compliance and standards frameworks. A problem that can arise is how best to engage with these key individuals. Even if Risk Managers can gather enthusiasm from departmental managers, distance and workloads can make it difficult to organise such meetings.

Since 2003, Risk Workshops Software has been part of the Symbiant Risk Modules and is a simple and effective solution that allows groups to collaborate on projects without the constraints of time and distance. As our Risk Workshop Software can be run remotely, individuals can join from any location, with each stage being open for a certain period to allow all individuals to participate at their own pace.

Risk Workshops Risk Scoring
Risk Workshops Stage Selection

The Risk Workshops Software Module has four main stages:

1. Identify (Add and discuss risks and decide if they are relevant)

2. Measure (Select Impact and Likelihood, Inherent, Residual and Target Scores)

3. Treat (Suggest and vote through a ballot, different Treatment Plans)

4. Monitor (Create and give ownership of action plans to users and adopt the Risk into the Risk Registers)

Symbiant’s Risk Workshop Software Module additionally facilitates users to become familiar with how your company assesses Risk, alongside having a deeper understanding of the process. In turn, enabling them to better identify potential issues and outline remedies for these.

The Risk Workshop Software Module gives your organisation a simplistic and easy-to-use platform, which can be easily embedded within your organisation. This allows all of your departments to measure and treat Risk using the same metrics.

The higher number of individuals who participate in Workshops, the more accurate the results (Think: Wisdom of Crowds). As our Risk Workshop Software Module is within a sandbox environment, it can also be used for training or general blue-sky thinking. 

When a Risk Workshop is completed it can be archived and if necessary, Reports can be created, which is ideal for reflecting upon the reason why certain decisions were made.

Risk Workshops Treatment Plans