About Us

Leading the way since 1999 With 7 World Firsts

We developed the world’s first web based Audit and Risk solutions designed around collaboration The first Audit Action Tracking software and we introduced Dynamic Risk Scoring…and a load of other stuff…


Symbiant is Born

Symbiant was established in late 1990’s, as a partner to Worldpay. Our first logo was an animated GIF (they were quite new at the time).

We quickly become one of the UK’s foremost providers of e-commerce payment solutions.

We pioneered the first affordable DIY web stores, Symshop, and launched a full solution for under £100 (World First).

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Symbiant Historical Logo (V3)

1st World First

Web Based Shopping Solution

Our web based shopping solution enabled small businesses to sell online. In the first year we sold over 20,000 Copies

Founding Partner in Worldpay

We were a founding partner in Worldpay which was eventually taken over by the Royal Bank of Scotland

World Pay Symbiant Founding Partner


Working with KPMG

Develop web based Audit and Risk solution for KPMG and their clients

This was a monumental point in our development as we worked with leading businesses and understood the issues from their perspective

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - KPMG

easyGen is launched

We launch the worlds first Dynamic website builder. Sold nationwide via PC World superstores and Amazon

easyGen was a ground breaking solution and a world first, a true DIY solution that allowed non programmers to create their own data aware, dynamic web sites.

It has won many industry awards and in 2005 was the best selling software in its class, even outselling Microsoft’s nearest equivalent.

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Symbiant EasyGen

2nd World First

Symbiant Tracker launched

Symbiant Tracker was a rewrite of our early tool K-tracker.

We revamped and supercharged the solution replacing the MS Access database to a full web based SQL solution.

Making it the world’s first true web based Audit Action tracking solution.

Symbiant Tracker is the only thoroughbred audit action tracking solution on the market.

Very powerful, feature rich but sleek and easy to use. It is still recognised as the World’s premier Tracking tool.

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Symbiant Tracker

3rd World First

Symbiant Risk Suite

Symbiant Risk Suite is launched and is the World’s first suite of web based Risk Management tools designed for collaboration.

An affordable solution that gave companies all the tools they needed to Identify, Discuss, Measure, Treat, Monitor and communicate on risk.

Risk Suite was the first risk software created for true collaboration so the whole workplace could become involved in the organisations risk programs.

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Symbiant RiskSuite

4th World First


ICAEW Endorse Symbiant

Another World first, the ICAEW endorse Symbiant’s Risk Suite and Tracker and use our software for risk and audit management.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants had never endorsed any Risk Suite product before.

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Institute of Charted Accountants

5th World First

Gartner make us a Cool Vendor

Gartner the worlds leading information technology research and advisory company were so impressed with our Software they made us a cool vendor.

They were also very impressed with our low pricing and were quoted as saying our software was “extraordinarily inexpensive”.

Gartner Cool Vendor 2011 Award to Symbiant

The Awards

Over the years we have been the recipient of many industry awards for our software. They’re recognition of the quality, innovation and value for money our solutions offer.

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Symbiant Historical Awards

Symbiant Management Suite

After 5 years of Development we launch our first risk and audit Management Suite. A tool to allow collaboration and sharing of information across Risk and Audit.

We start to connect risks to controls and introduce 3 voting measurements, Inherit, Residual and Target. Another world first.

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Symbiant Historical Logo (V4)

6th World First


Symbiant Management Suite V2

We supercharged our Management Suite and make it the most advanced solution on the market. A true mobile solution with advanced risk management features including our Dynamic Residual Scoring which lets you connect controls to automatically produce the residual scores. Another World First.

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Symbiant Historical Logo (V5)

7th World First


World Beater

Our new solution is recognised as one of the world’s top 20 risk management solutions by CIO review magazine, the only UK entry.

Risk Management Software CIO Word Top 20

Name Change

We changed our legal name from Credit Card Merchant Services Ltd to Symbiant Ltd

Symbiant System Black Logo - Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software

Voted By Mirror Magazine

Jan 2019 our solution was voted as the worlds most trusted Risk Management Solutions by Mirror magazine.

Risk Management Software Most Trusted Solution Provider

New York Office

Due to demand for our software in the USA we open our first office on prestigious 5th Avenue, up the road from the famous Saks department store.

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Symbiant Manhattan Office