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ModuleDescriptioncost per month
Risk RegistersManager your corporate risks link to controls and incidents and create reviews action plans and reminders. See the Overview Video£100
Controlsmanage and test controls and policies – link to risks and incidents£100
Incident Reportermanage and report incidents – link to risks and controls. See the Overview Video£100
Risk Workshopsvirtual meeting rooms specifically designed for groups of people to discuss, measure and treat current or new potential risks (threats). These sandbox environments allow blue sky thinking and for non risk staff to become involved in the risk process in a safe and structured environment. See the Overview Video£100
Monitoring actions Trackergive ownership and tracking of Management action plans or general actions£100
DPIA (change management)DPIA is a key part of your accountability obligations under the UK GDPR it’s a process designed to help you systematically analyse, identify and minimise the data protection risks of a project or plan.£100
Questionnairescreate and attach questionnaires and KRI’s to any item such as controls, incidents, risks, audits or ad hoc surveys or assessments. See the Overview Video£100
Complaints Managercapture and manage and automate notices and reminders from customer complaints. Includes sending response letters to clients.£100
Due DiligenceRisk assess and score suppliers and intermediaries or resellers and create action plans to remedy issues.£100
Service DeskAutomate the capture of relevant data so people can log and report various types of issues or requests.£100
Audit Working papersHelps to manage audit planning and keeping of data in a single place. Create a document from various audit functions, such as assessments, risk, controls, tests. Produces a report based on the attached data. Includes Audit Universe. See the Overview Video£100
Audit Action Trackergive ownership and track audit actions and report on performance and sticking points. See the Overview Video£100
ISQMFor audit firms who have to manage ISQM1 and ISQM2 quality actions.£100
Insurance Claimsrecord and monitor claims from your clients or customers£100

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