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Risk management software is a software designed primarily to limit, reduce or lower the risk and security lapses, which organizations are exposed to in their day to day activities. This software is also known as compliance management software. The software works by way of identifying potential risks of an asset, wrong decisions, security breaches etc., within the IT system and alerting an Organization on where the risk lies. Such Organization can then control the risk. They also warns Organizations of impending IT breakdown which can seriously affect its operations. Bank and non-bank financial institutions uses risk management software more than organizations in the other sectors of a free enterprise economy. They are even more careful with the lessons learned from "Rogue Trader Nick Leeson" incident. The type of risks that the software is designed to guard against are: * Interest rate Risk * Credit Risk * Uncertainties in Financial Market * Attacks for Organization's Adversaries or Enemies e.g. DDOS attack. * Legal Liabilities * Product Failure * Data Breach Risk etc. The regulatory agencies in some countries (Central Banks, Deposit Insurance Corporations) make it mandatory for Bank and non-Bank Financial institutions to have this software installed. Basel II Accord is an International Regulation put forward by International Committee on Bank Supervision to make sure that Financial Institutions that carries Riskier Assets provide enough Capital against that risk than those with safer portfolio. It also stipulates that Financial Institutions should publish a statement of risky investment and risk management practices. Risk management software like Calipso, Entropy, Incident management and Emex are very rich in risk management and Compliance. They are preferred by some giants that integrated financial trading system in their platform. Other risk management software e.g. Analitica, Emex EHS Solution, Entropy and A1 Tracker are also used by organizations in their quest to manage their risk. Below are some risk management software firms and their products: * BSI "Entropy" is a software developed by software giant, BSI. It is preferred by users who are interested in the reduction in cost and effort needed to manage risk. It has a standard based approach to businesses system management. The software has necessary tools put in place to promote compliance and overall performance. * ENABLON "Incident Management" is another risk management software, developed by Enablon. It is integrated with the following features: compliance management, incident management, greater operational risk control etc. * EMEX "EMEX EHS Solution" is a software developed by EMEX, another software risk management firm. It is designed to create a web based solution in the area of efficiencies and compliance and ensure they are being effectively managed. * FAST TRACK "Fast Track" risk management software is owned by a firm called FAST TRACK. It is known to be very effective in the area of regulatory compliance in mission critical environment e.g. ISO9001, ISO14001 etc. The above software products are just stated to mention but a few as there are many others within the software risk management specialization.

Enterprise Risk Management Software

Risk management is the systematic process of understanding, evaluating and addressing these risks to maximise the chances of objectives being achieved and ensuring organisations, individuals and communities are sustainable. Risk management also exploits the opportunities uncertainty brings, allowing organisations to be aware of new possibilities. Essentially, effective risk management requires an informed understanding of relevant risks, an assessment of their relative priority and a rigorous approach to monitoring and controlling them. To be effective, risk management must be proportionate to the size and nature of an organisation. It can range from a risk assessment for a community event up to a sizeable, integrated process for a multi-national. Enterprise risk management (ERM) refers to an integrated or holistic approach to managing risk across an organisation, using clearly articulated frameworks and processes led from board level. Risk management should be embedded in the general management of an organisation and fully integrated with other business functions such as finance, strategy, internal control, procurement, continuity planning, HR and compliance. The degree of integration will differ between organisations depending on their culture, implementation process, ways of operating and external environment.

Risk Management Software

SYMBIANT RISK SUITE The Symbiant Risk Management Suite is a modular Risk and Audit Management software Solution that facilitates collaborate and extends risk management across the business. Web Based and provided as a fully managed SaaS solution it is ready to use instantly on our secure cloud environment. If you prefer you can host it yourself on your own intranet. With per user changes from under £1 risk suite is the most affordable risk management solution in it's class. Try it free. WATCH THE OVERVIEW VIDEO Risk Managment Software Overview Video OUR GUARANTEE You will not find a more advanced, user friendly, commercially available solution than Symbiant. At any price. We offer a 5 star solution at a 1 star price. See our client list THE TOTAL RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTION The Symbiant Risk Management Suite is not just a risk solution, it's an enterprise level risk and audit management solution. Modular so you can expand as needed and customisable so you can build your perfect solution. A solution that will grow and expand as required. It can be as basic as a Risk Register or as enterprising as a global corporations Risk and Audit solution. It truly is that flexible and powerful. Developed over 10 years with guidance from industry experts such as KPMG it far exceeds ANZ 4360 and ISO 31000 requirements. Symbiant is the only Risk Management Software to have been endorsed by Europe's largest professional accountancy body the ICAEW. Symbiant Risk Management Suite quite simply gives you everything you need or could want and it's getting better everyday. We are adding new features and modules all the time. We give you the solution you want and need at a price you can easily afford. QUICK POINTS TO HELP YOU CONSIDER Full Risk Management software Solution All parts of the business can collaborate Web based Intranet or internet Meets ISO 31000 for risk management Affordable - from under £1 per user easy to understand and visualise risk mapping Reduces Costs and the need for meetings Speeds up the Risk Assessment Process Automated emails to keep users updated Early identification of possible risks Questionnaires to monitor controls Risk Indicators and Assessments Ongoing identification of risks Built in risk voting Risk Vs Reward Easy to Embed Risk Mapping Flexible, Scalable and Customisable Includes Audit Management and Saas.
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Collaborate on Risk Management Collaborate

The Symbiant Risk Management module facilitates collaborate and extends risk management across the business. Web Based and easily installed on your own Microsoft intranet.

risk software tools All the tools you need

Incident reporting, workshops, Risk Registers, Risk Action Tracking, Key Risk Indicators and questionnaires , with Symbiant you get everything you need to comply with ISO 31000 for risk management and Pillar 2.

Management for Risk Requirements

Microsoft IIS 6 or newer, SQL Server 2008 or newer, .NET framework 4 or newer.

Risk Reporting Report

Produce professional Risk registers and heat maps as well as details on risk actions and scoring, everything for the risk committee.

Risk Management Software Document

Risk Suite overview Document

To read or download the Risk Suite overview document Click Here a new window will open containing the document.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this and your hosted SaaS software?

Risk Suite was the platform our SaaS solution evolved from. Our hosted solution has more features and the ability to integrate Audit management. Risk Suite is just about risk management. To read about our hosted solution Click Here

Why Choose Risk Suite over in house development?

In house developments are notoriously unreliable and ineffective. Risk Suite is already developed, tested and stable. An in house solution will not offer you the features and reliability of risk suite and will cost you more to develop.

How many users can I have on the system?

There are no limits you can have as many users as you require and the license will never expire. This means you can use Risk Suite forever without any further costs or annual payments.

Can we import risks from our Excel Spreadsheet?

Yes you can import risk that are currently held on an excel spreadsheet.

Do we get any support?

We give you full support for 6 months which includes installation and training, the system also includes context sensitive help and training videos. .

How Do I Know the software will work for me?

Try before you Buy. We will allow you to install Risk Suite on your servers and use if for 1 month free. You do not need to place an order or make any commitment.

How much is the License?

We are happy to provide you with a full quote in your chosen currency. Please contact us and tell us what currency to quote with. Contact Us

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You can see videos and learn about our hosted solution from our Home Page

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