Symbiant - Risk, Audit & Compliance – Custom Built Software

Risk, Audit & Compliance – Custom Built Software

Made to measure intelligent business software solutions

Our selection of ready made modules allow us to rapidly create custom made solutions.

Ready Made Modules

We have a ready made library of Risk, Audit and Compliance Management modules that can be tweaked to meet your exact requirements. Including:-

Risk Registers, populated Risk Library, Risk Workshops, Risk Assessments, Control Failure Simulations, Incident Reporting, Risk Indicators, Control Universe, Control Self Assessments, Risk Action Tracking, Audit Universe / Planning , Audit Questionnaires, Action Tracking, Time Sheets, Working Papers

Automated Functions

As well as automated emails we can program automated functions based on your own requirements, such as if someone changes something then send a message or change a value. Our powerful rules engine allows us to create very complex and specific functions so mundane and important tasks are fully automated.

Holistic View

We can create views and reports based on your specific needs, which includes pulling data from other modules to give you a total view of a specific area. Not only can data be linked you can create deeply nested relationships and so you can get a holistic view of the relevant data.

Perfect Fit

Our platform allows you to quickly create views that are specific to the user. This means different users can see different options when entering or viewing data. Users can even select a base language so they can use the system in their native tongue.

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