Free List Of COSO Risks

Below is a link to a zip file containing a CSV (Excel, spreadsheet) file of approximately 190 risks based the on COSO Enterprise Risk Management framework. The import file has been optimised for direct import in to the Symbiant Risk Library.



1. Contact us for the file
2. Extract the file Symbiant_COSO_Risks.csv

(NOTE) you can import Mitigation in to the existing opportunity field or add a new mitigation field, to use the existing field you can skip 3 and 4.
3. Login to Symbiant as an administrator user, go to admin, then go to “Field visibility” Filter risk and turn on “Risk Extra Text”
4. Using the translator rename “Risk Extra Text” to “Mitigation“. See video Customising

5. In Symbiant Go To Modules Library
6. Under File, Select Import and select the file “Symbiant_COSO_Risks.csv” if you need help see How To Import
7. Map the Rows in the CSV file to the target locations in Symbiant – These match the default labels.
8. When ready click on Import

If you are not using Symbiant Risk Modules, sign up for a free trial and see how Symbiant can embed risk management in your organisation from as little as £400 a month.

This list is supplied free of charge and without any guarantee or warranty, if you are a Symbiant client you get free support, so contact us if you need help. If your not a Symbiant client, sign up for your free trial which includes free support.

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