Symbiant News and Wins

See the Latest News and Wins from Symbiant.

Symbiant One our new compliance platform for Risk, Audit & Compliance has been very well received. We have won several tenders,

The multi-lingual ability was a definite plus for Natural Resources Wales, users can opt to have the system in Welsh, English or any language of their choosing.

The flexibility of being able to customise individual users’ forms and views, was an attraction to Scottish Water as this would allow them to simplify the views to aid in embedding the system.

For Catapult (connecting Places) it was the ability to seamlessly share data between risk and audit, so both functions benefited from each other’s work and the management could get a truly holistic view of the information.

We are also pleased to have won our first Utility provider. Utilita.

Some big brand names have signed up for Symbiant this year, Ann Summers Ltd, The Co-op, Hilton foods Battersea Dogs and cats home. 

And welcome to some other new clients IPT Power TechValu-Trac Investment Management Limited, Irwell Insurance Company Limited, PT Visionet Internationaland & The Milestones Trust

The story continues…

We would like to welcome new customers to Symbiant, MaxisAbriWhistl and Mazars.

The due diligence requirements for a few of these clients was particularly severe so it’s good to know we are still leading our sector.

We would also like to thank Mazars for becoming our first user of our new ISQM (International Standard on Quality Management) module.

Symbiant One, gives you everything you need in 1 application (hence the name).

Each module is customised to your exact requirements. So far, we have:

In the financial services area, we are pleased to have won the tender to get MAXIS Global Benefits Network, which was co-founded by MetLife and AXA, it is a network of almost 140 insurance companies.

We also welcome White Oak Financial Services, Marsh Finance and Evolution Money, who are also helping us to shape our new platform so we can offer clients a single source platform for any business requirement. Not just Audit and Risk Management, our new online solution offers everything to do with compliance…. and anything else you require.

First, we will welcome some new clients, outside of financial services we are pleased to welcome National Orthopaedic Hospital CappaghAbu Dhabi National Exhibition CentreMater Hospital and Lovel Group.

We are also please Symbiant was the choice for managing risks around the HS2 project.

We welcomed several new clients in August that were newsworthy but for the sake of the blog we will mention Equiom because they chose Symbiant to replace their Walter Kluwer “OneSumx” software. The main reasons being our system offered a better platform, much more features, easier to use and it was going to save them a lot of money.

The top news for July is the return of UNIAC the university auditors. We lost this account to MKinsight (now Pentana) several years ago. With the need to use a more intuitive and user friendly system they have returned to the Symbiant fold and are warmly welcomed back.

In June the financial trading company OSTC Limited selected Symbiant as their audit management solution over Pentana and Teammate, on the bases our solution was not only better priced, but it was also easier to use and offered them functionality which better suited their requirements.

A Notable win for April has been Fair Ways Foundation Charity who needed an affordable solution to improve their risk management practices and the safety of the foster children they look after. By using the incident reporter and KRI module they can improve monitoring and reporting and so identify potential issues, including those relating to the children, early. (It is nice to know our software is contributing to the safety of vulnerable children and making a difference in such an important area.)

Whilst many companies are struggling with the restrictions brought on by Covid-19 we are pleased to report we are still getting new signups for our risk and audit management software. Some of our existing audit clients have also extended the use of Symbiant to cover risk management.

Avaloq Group the Swiss market leader for integrated banking software have chosen Symbiant as their Risk and Audit solution. The reason we have this as a major win is because the company was hoping to choose a Central European solution and we were up against some fierce competition but in the end our system was clearly best choice.

Whilst our software is very popular with financial institutions who need advanced features it’s nice when Charities who have simpler needs and smaller budgets find Symbiant the best choice, so a warm welcome to, Practical Action and the Danish Refugee Council who both joined us in February.

“Symbiant 1 – TeamMate 0” One of the big wins was replacing the Ministry of Finance in Guyana’s “TeamMate” installation. They found our product not only saved them a huge amount of money but offered a lot more features.

As the song goes, in out, in out, shake it all about… So, with Brexit issues delaying business decisions, 2019 has been a difficult year for many.

Luckily, at Symbiant, we have fared ok and all in all, it has been a good year. Our solution has beaten our rivals in several competitive tenders. Whilst we are still awaiting decisions on a few, we have already been declared the winning solution by The RAC, Manchester United Football Club, Numero and HM Coast Guard.

Price was the deciding factor for one of our wins, another chose us for our features and another on price and usability. So all in all a well rounded selection that illustrates the main selling features of our software.