Should You Be Using Spreadsheets for GRC and Audit?

Date: 30/01/2024

By: Symbiant

Spreadsheets were the tried and trusted method for GRC and Audit Management for years – but in 2024, should spreadsheets still be used for such an essential aspect of your business?

The Argument For Using Spreadsheets

Some argue that spreadsheets are free to use and those who use them know how. They have worked well for the company thus far – why change it if it’s not causing issues?

Most organisations have access to Spreadsheets and can train new staff on how to use them without developing new training material.

A man looking at a complex spreadsheet on a computer.

The Argument Against Using Spreadsheets

We argue that spreadsheets can cost your business everything! Spreadsheets are not appropriate for modern organisations’ GRC and Audit Management processes.

Spreadsheets require a massive amount of time to maintain. They are inefficient and ineffective, and the information included is probably inaccurate and flawed.

The reason why the data is rarely accurate is because there is no ownership, no accountability and no workflow within the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets are not designed for sensitive data. They have no security, and you cannot track who has seen, changed, or deleted the data.

The time you waste attempting to manage the spreadsheet is more than the cost of Symbiant.One. Especially if you consider the fines and potential collapse of the business due to outdated or incorrect information in spreadsheets.

The Alternative to Using Spreadsheets

Symbiant.One offers ownership of items, and with ownership comes accountability. Names & dates will be associated with all data, who added it, who changed it, and who removed it. Not only that, but it will show you what changed from and to. It will also send notifications to let people know when something has been added, altered or removed.

Imagine how much time you could save if you had a system that automatically chased things up and notified people of things becoming due and overdue. Symbiant.One will free you from labour-intensive mundane jobs.

Symbiant.One allows you to customise user access, meaning users see the data you want them to see. Ensuring eye-only data remains secure, users see the relevant data they need for their role.

Create custom reports and have them generated with a single click. Symbiant.One will pull the relevant data, automatically create a report, and present it in your preferred style, allowing you to no longer spend months hunting down information to develop a report.

Symbiant.One is not only the most affordable professional solution on the market, it’s probably the most secure, and that’s why it’s the chosen solution for The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and the UKHSA (UK Health Security Agency).

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Should you use Spreadsheets for GRC And Audit?

There is no reason to use spreadsheets for your GRC and Audit management processes.

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