Symbiant Risk Workshops

Date: 04/02/2019

By: Symbiant

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management Software - Risk Workshops

The Symbiant Risk Workshops
One of a risk managers’ biggest dilemmas is achieving company-wide participation in the organisations’ risk management process. Every Risk Manager knows the benefits of departmental managers collaborating in the organisation’s risk program. Obviously, it’s also a requirement in risk-based compliance and standards frameworks. The problem is engaging with these key people. Even if the managers want to participate, distance and workloads can make it hard to organise meetings.

Workshops have been part of the Symbiant risk modules since 2003. They are a simple and effective solution that allows groups to collaborate on projects without time and distance constraints. Because it’s web-based, people can join in from any location; each stage can be open for a suitable period to allow all members to participate in their own time.

The workshops have four main stages:-
1. Identify (add and discuss risks and decide if they are relevant)
2. Measure (vote on impact and likelihood, Gross, Net and Target)
3. Treat (Suggest and ballot treatment plans)
4. Monitor (create and give ownership of action plans and adopt the risk in the risk registers)

The workshops give the organisation a standard and easily embedded platform so all departments can measure and treat risk using the same metrics. The more people who participate in the workshops, the more accurate the results become (wisdom of crowds). Because the workshops are a sandbox environment, the company can use them for training or general blue-sky thinking. Workshops also help users become familiar with how the company assesses risk and allows them to understand the process; this, in turn, enables them to better identify potential new issues and how to deal with them.

When a workshop’s completed it can be archived and reported on; this is ideal for looking back on why the group made certain decisions.

Symbiant audit and risk management software contains workshops and all the required modules as standard whilst remaining the most cost-effective software solution on the market. Contact us today for more information.