Stafford Railway Building Society

Before moving to Symbiant, we were spreadsheet-based, which was a very manual and time-consuming process, making monitoring difficult.

Currently, we use the Risk Register, Control and Policies, Incident Reporting and Compliance Monitoring Action Tracker modules.

We have found all modules and the system user-friendly and easy to train staff members on.

Customised Reporting:

We use the reporting provided by Symbiant for our management meetings. We had a bespoke report made to show the changes in risk scores month by month called a ‘waterfall report’; we had this made for inherent and residual risk scores. The report makes it very clear to see any changes over the last six months.

Automated Email Notifications:

Symbiant also provides automated reminder emails; for example, it will automatically email out to risk owners, telling them their risks are due to be reviewed. Automatic email reminders mean our staff don’t have to spend time typing and sending reminders.



The link below is the full case study; below are short testimonials about our service and modules. We recommend reading the above case study.

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